Painting the exterior of your home is a large investment. It will not only totally transform the appearance of your home and protect it against our beautiful sunny climate, but it can add serious value to your property also.

However, we understand that painting the exterior of your home is a big job and you’re not going to want to do it again in a hurry. You need to be certain that you are making the right choice when it comes to choosing which company should undertake the project. Topcoat painters are time served, professional tradesmen and offer the best in quality, service and standards when painting and decorating your home. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our work we offer all customers an amazing 15 YEAR GUARANTEEon all projects.

Painting your Villa or Apartment – “Protect your investment”


Exterior paints come in a wide range of different quality and manufactured products for all types of finishes and surfaces. Topcoat painters only use Grade A high quality paints and materials. Our experienced team are here to help you choose the right colour for your home should you need it and we offer a FREE colour matching service if you already have something in mind.

To offer extra-long life protection and coverage to your home, we add a weather bond sealant to all our paints which helps it adhere to walls and stay looking great for longer.

Our experienced surveyor will design the project with you and offer advice and help with the process of transforming your home. Should you place an order with Topcoat painters you can rest assured that you are protected, as all new clients will receive our company contract of works for total piece of mind.

The Process – Step by Step

Start at the beginning:

Before we do any paint work we need to ensure that all the surfaces are properly cleaned and ready. We wash down all surfaces thoroughly with our high-pressure water sprayer. This removes old, loose, cracked, chipped or blistering paint. If necessary we will use a paint scraper or wire brush and sand it down. We will take it back to the original timber or brick surface if required.

For metal surfaces we use a wire brush and apply a rust dissolver to clean and free dust ready for painting.

Undertake any repairs:

Topcoat painters use many types of fillers to repair deep scratches and cracks to your property. Some of the repairs may require a cement-based filler while other repairs may require expandable filling compounds. Once the filler is dry our team will sand back any repairs to an even surface ready for painting. Our team will use a sealant or filler at ‘seams’ and corners of the house, around areas like windows and doors to give a professional finish to the property.


All surface areas will be covered with drop sheets to prevent any paint stains to unwanted areas. Any surfaces which are not to be painted will be masked up with trade tape, including window frames, door handles etc. Any furniture or garden ornaments will be removed to a safe place and away from paint or damage.

Applying the paint:

When all surfaces are prepared and ready for paint our team will cut in all areas, including tops & bottoms of the property, windows & doors, tile ends etc. Upon completion of cutting in, the first cover coat can be rolled onto all surfaces. When the base coat is dry we can begin to roll the final coat onto all surfaces until completely covered. Drying time is essential when applying the second coat, as this will give a smooth even finish. Our teams have the necessary experience and skills with painting works and will apply the paint in a professional manner to offer the best quality finish to your home. When the foreman has inspected all areas and is completely satisfied with the job he will then start the process of a clean down.

Completion inspection:

An inspection will now be undertaken and if any further coats are required our team will roll a third covering to complete the finish of the project. The project manager will inspect the final completed works and any snagging will be carried out at this point. The client will then be asked to inspect the completed work and upon satisfaction will sign off the finished project.

Clean down:

All cover sheets and unused materials will be removed from site and our team will fully pressure clean all floor areas. The head foreman will then do a check to make sure everything is clean and tidy. All tools and any unused materials will be removed by the Topcoat Team.

Sign off contract:

Upon total satisfaction of the completed work and for your peace of mind, you will be presented with Topcoat Property Services 15 year Guarantee.